Play Kitchen Chair Cover DIY

Creating a chair cover stylized for a children's stove is not so difficult, but a bit laborious. It requires some design of the oven appearance, rethinking the range of colors and the selection of materials from which it will be made. It will be great to design elements of the oven that will remind your child of your home appliances. The choice of cooking programs or buttons to turn on and off are the details that diversify the fun. DIY toys are fantastic, because we can decide how they look, and knowing the preferences of our children, we can make for them a perfectly tailored toy.

SUPPLIES FOR MAKING DIY Play Kitchen Chair Cover

  • sewing machine (2 stitches are enough: straight and zigzag stitch)

  • fabrics to make the chair cover and decoration

  • pins

  • scissors

  • tailor's chalk pencil

  • pencil

  • paper

  • ruler

  • tape measure

  • sewing thread

HOW TO MAKE Play Kitchen Chair Cover

Time to make: a few hours (depending on our tailoring skills and a chosen chair - execution time may lengthen)

  • Choose a chair.

  • Design the appearance of play kitchen chair cover.

  • Select fabrics to make the chair cover and decoration.

  • Take the measure of the chosen chair.

  • Draw a chair cover pattern diagram.

  • Before cutting the fabric, add about 0,5 inch per stitch to each measured length.  In addition add a few inch to the front of the backrest that correspond to the thickness of the backrest.

  • Make a pattern for each element of the cover on the fabric.

  • Cut out every element of the cover.

  • Decorate selected elements of the cover styling them for a child's kitchen stove.

  • Make fitting and needed adjustments.

  • Connect two elements of the cover with pins before sewing them. Repeat it with every part of the chair cover.

  • Once all parts are sewn together, sew the bottom of the cover.

  • Make final detail work such as sewing buttons or knobs.