Color Learning Box by Sorting – Toddler Toy for Motor Skills Development

Educational games are an essential part of childhood development. Learning colors can be done during drawing or painting but also by using toys. Here is a simple toy made of recycled materials, which is great for practicing other important skills like motor skills, concentration, curiosity and sorting.


  • Paper Box

  • Self-adhesive Sticker Colorful Paper

  • Popsicle Wooden Color Craft Sticks

  • Scissors

  • Art Knife

  • Setsquare

HOW TO MAKE Color Learning Box

Time to make: 30 min

  • Measure the top of the box.

  • Calculate the length and width of the colored stripes.

  • Measure, draw and cut strips from colored self-adhesive paper.

  • Glue the stripes to the top of the box.

  • Mark a place for making holes on each stripe.

  • Make cuts with an art knife. Each cut about 0,5 inch.

  • Put wooden sticks into the holes.